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Shady Rider owner Gretchen on Minnie

Shady Rider owner, designer, manufacturer Gretchen Peckham. Shady rider was started in 2018. Gretchen has been riding since the early 60's  when she got her 1st horse. She showed horses on the Open, Arriabian, Quarter Horse, and Paint Horse  circuits through the late 80's.  Around 2012 Gretchen started riding again with a friend a couple of endurance rides with AERC. 

Gretchen & her husband Jack joined the Backcountry Horsemen of California (BCHC) Redshank Riders Unit (RSR) and are active members.  

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Winchester Western Saddlery in Temecula, CA is carrying some of  our helmets 

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Shady Rider FAQs

Q. Do I have to have a helmet already?

ShadyRider.  No, you can purchase one from us. 

Q. What if I have my own cowboy hat? 

ShadyRider.  We can use your hat or we have several hats to choose from.

Q.  Can I design my own helmet

 ShadyRider.   Of course

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ShadyRiders: part helmet, part cowboy hat all cool

52135 Saddleback Road, Anza, California 92539, United States

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